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The Technical University of Crete was founded in 1977 in Chania (Crete) and received its first students in 1984. The mission of the institution is to promote research and education in old and new engineering fields, as well as to develop links with Greek industry. The teaching and research staff and postgraduate students are involved in research in various scientific-technical areas within 71 well-equipped laboratories of the Technical University of Crete as well as in other associated research institutes.


The Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory (DSSL) belongs to the Decision Sciences Division of the School of Production Engineering and Management. The DSSL was founded in 1988; its founding director, Prof. Michael N. Katehakis, introduced the modern (for the time) computation equipment; after his leave in 1992, DSSL was headed by Assist. Prof. Constantinos Melolidakis, succeded in 1994 by Prof. Markos Papageorgiou, the Laboratory's current director. The staff of DSSL includes currently some 15 professors, lecturers, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and has profound knowledge and broad experience in the theories of modelling, simulation, optimisation, automatic control, and their practical application to traffic and transportation systems, water networks, production systems, and further areas. DSSL has been involved in numerous research, development, and demonstration projects at a national, European, and international level; its highest related achievment being the ERC Advanced Investigator Grant TRAMAN21. In particular, the DSSL has gained a remarkable experience through the implementation in real conditions, the testing, and the evaluation of its several techniques and tools in various European and non-European sites.

The DSSL is located in the campus of the Technical University of Crete and disposes of modern technological equipment, which is continuously updated and enlarged with new workstations, personal computers, terminals, and printers connected both internally and externally with the Internet.

This Site describes briefly the most significant teaching, research, and other activities of the Laboratory during the period 1994-2018.

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